Digital Society Citizenship

Our introductory program is carefully designed to level the digital skills of migrants and develop competitive proficiency with digital tools, platforms and services. Participants learn to use digital tools for mundane tasks, practical activities and relevant goals, from finding directions on digital maps and saving their documents on-line to applying for jobs and using e-mail effectively. Key among the skills covered is learning to create and curate a personal digital profile and presence, actively participating and interacting directly with the rest of the digital world in a safe, well behaved and well informed manner. Completing the program allows proper integration with our global information society with reduced risks, awareness of its opportunities and the skills to profit from them.

The program allows all participants to become active citizens of the Digital Society beyond being passive users and socially connected individuals with the ability to create and publish content and the skills to use tools that can help them both in their personal and professional growth and immigration processes.

They are introduced to critical thinking, fact validation and sources verification to prepare them to identify and deal with inaccurate information, fake news, hoaxes, digital scams and other threats from the online world.

Participants learn the use of freely available digital tools and develop skills through practical exercises for their immediate advance and support of their regularization process and their incorporation within the local society, such as sending letters, creating a professional resumée suited to highlight their skillset, apply for jobs and scholarships, etc.

They are also introduced to a variety of social media platforms, so that they can choose the mediums that match their character and needs and learn how to make practical beneficial use of them.